Official WordPress android app(23-may-15) and (08-07-15 update on iphone wordpress app)

Just downloaded the wordpress android app not so long ago. Thought that it would be so much easier do posts with images since the mobile phone can take images and post directly instead of needing to transfer it. Well there is always the dropbox and other options too. There seems to be some problem with uploading of huge media. Maybe adjusting the resolution of the camera and retaking and edit the picture of the post will fix the problem but that is way too much of a pain. Hope to find a simpiler way. After all i dont want to adjust picture resolution of what i am taking just because of the wordpress app. The wordpress android app also doesnt seem to have spell check. Well just have to use the computer to go through the post later. (08-07-15 iphone wordpress app update) I was just doing up a post on siteground vs namecheap hosting and I thought it was a good chance to try out the upload image function of the iphone wordpress app but I found it wasn’t working on the iphone as well. I even when to retry uploading the image when it failed I guess maybe you really have to downsize the image before you can send or something but its pretty unreasonable that anyone will actually do that on the fly on the phone. (08-07-15) Now I am at nex enjoying monster curry and searching for a new wordpress app because its pretty ridiculous that the official app cannot upload photos to your post by default and you have to do something special to make it work. (08-07-15 update) just tried out press sync wordpress app for the iphone it seems to let you add media into the posts. The free version seems to come with advertising but the paid one does away with it. It inserts media in a form of a url you can use preview post to see how it has turned out.   (11-07-15 update) The source of the problem seems to be namecheap hosting and configuration? Maybe? after moving to siteground my press sync app stopped working but I was able to upload photos through the wordpress official app. Maybe it has got to do with the jetpack plugin

(03-02-16) Moved to a new host and was trying to change the address on my wordpress iphone app. Seems like I can’t the only thing seems to be remove. I suppose they keep some database on the existing address. 

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