WordPress always getting hacked (07-10-17)

I have been using many host. Siteground, hostgator, dreamhost. So far my best host is siteground. I just have limited space with siteground. I had many problems with hostgator. Always when they detect malicious malware. They suspend all the domains hosted not only the affected domain. Also after 3 times they need a higher admin to unsuspend the account also the live char is much worse then siteground. I bought dreamhost hosting because it was cheap but it is quite difficult to use. Also recently after installing wordfence. It seems that it has got hacked and also wp-config has been affected.

What is also interesting is this article (https://www.threedeepmarketing.com/blog/3-reasons-why-your-wordpress-site-will-get-hacked) which is citing that 41% of wordpress get hacked because of hosting platform. 29% by means of an insecure theme. 22% via a vulnerable plugin. 8% because of weak passwords. Just 8% because of weak passwords. Frankly it is difficult for people to know if a theme is insecure and a plugin is vulnerable. For me I run with default theme from the one click installers. But with so many people running the theme I should be safe I suppose but I can’t say. Same goes with the plugin. I run plugin which come with the one click installers and a few that I really need like. Migrate, sometimes members because the site is not for public. But they have 10s and 100 thousand downloads which should be safe as well I guess.

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