Why you need a website

Web development. Why you need a website. I am here to answer some questions about why you should have a website.

1. I dont need a website. No one goes there anyway.

People go online to search for stuff. Services, things they need. If you need a plumber, fix your tv, locksmith you can all google it. If you are operating a cafe. They want to know how to get to your cafe, what are the food you can order. If you are selling car keys, your customers want to know what kind of car keys they can find from you and perhaps what price. You can operate a e-store where people can buy online and you can ship over via mail. In short,

They need to find u. They need to know what products you are selling. They need to know the specifications of the product.

2. I can do it myself

Developing a website is hard. Design is hard. Tech is hard(Finding where to host, which is a good host, pointing the domain to the host is hard) Marketing is hard.


Dark words over dark background is a bad idea. How about placement of important items. Design itself is a huge subject that you can spend endless amount of time in. Tons of work might not even get you the look and feel you want.


What features u need. Do you need a shopping cart. Do you need shipping. Do you need time based bookings. Do you need to search around your site. Do you want people to subscribe to your mailing list or forms they can use to submit their support tickets or feedback.

Geling Design and Tech together

Making design work along tech is not as simple as it seems. How do you know if the design theme that you choose would work with the extensions and plug ins that you have chosen.


Even after you go through the tough job of Design and Tech and making sure they display and work properly. You still got to worry about how to let the world know your site.

3. Websites are expensive

Websites require a lot of work. If renovation for your brick and mortar shops costs a lot to make it the way u think customers will be comfortable with. Sames goes for the websites. For Design, from your corporate theme colour to animated graphics like flash. Stock photos to Customized banners, Customized Graphics. Time taken to change the design to look like what you want it to be takes time. If you think pieces of arts are expensive. Why not computer graphics designed specifically for your website. Be sure. Everything from colour to placement,  makes a difference on your website. What colours to use where. What colour mixes well with your corporate colours. Placement of information. Where do people look first. Where to place the important stuff. On the technicial. From choosing the right place to host your website, how much traffic you are getting to your website, how stable is the provider, how to save bandwidth, what website traffic reports you want to see. What features and functions you want from your site. Training of how to use the site. Marketing. If you so wish to let people know your website, attract people to come in and take a look and know you are there. Adwords, how to use adwords. How to maximise your bids per click. Bigger and more well known websites may even do surveys, do analytics on their website to track the response of a new layout to the website.

4. Online is so much more cheaper

Websites are your shop front to the online world. The look, feel and use of your website is important. The more complicated the project the more you need to communicate your ideas clearly to the other party. While it might make sense to outsource the simple websites, you want a more localized face to face meeting for more complicated websites.


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