Why I can’t recommend binghan ginseng to anybody (01-06-16)

I was introduced binghan ginseng by this old friend of mine who sells networking equipment. After eating the ginseng. From time to time I would get fever and then pus would come out of many awkward places. From armpit to feet. Now the latest symptom I have is I am feeling constipated. I have to say I have gone through many trials. This is not just only to me.  My dad also seems to after taking the ginseng had swollen leg which he had to go and let out blood.I had my friend tried it for some time and he also ended up giving up. He has some skin problem and wounds were starting to appear other than him saying it is a laxative. It’s simply because of the effects that he got from taking the ginseng. Also from my seller has been taking it for quite some time. Has gone through many of the effects of taking binghan ginseng. From sleepless nights with cold sweat. Running nose. Sore in many places.  He has told me that in malaysia they make them buy 10 bottles because you can’t see the effect. Also I have heard many stories about those with cancer going through treatment are taking it. It’s pretty much a do or die mentality. Once you start you pretty much have to go through with the cycle. You are probably going to feel pain of the previous problems that you have so why I can’t recommend binghan ginseng to anyone because you need to have the will to drink it because very likely your old problems will come up and you will feel pain. When that happens what I recommend is not let it drag but drink more because short pain is better than long pain. Then also if you intend to take huge dosage might be better to plan before hand. Like when on break or something. Might lose voice or feel pain that you can’t get up or don’t feel like working

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