Vali casual wear (01-01-18)

Its a brand that I like to buy to wear. Also its made by 100% cotton. If the rubber gets loose already. There is still the rope to tighten it up. Today I was trying to find out why there was difference between the prices.

There are two kinds one with stretching rubber and one without. I always buy the rubber kind because you wont grow too fat and cannot wear it or it wont become loose and you need a belt.

There is two kind of thickness it seem but its the same price.

What seems to make the price difference seems to be the length of the pants.

Overall 3/4. It is comfortable if you like the cotton material and also its long lasting as I have already been wearing it for a long time. Also there is the string to tighten it just if you wear it long enough and the rubber stretch is already loose.

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