Using Mac after a few months part 2 (23-May-15)

Today while chilling at KFC I had some time and after creating the new Wireless@SG account I had free and pretty good internet connection. And so I thought I have been using Mac for a few months now and all I seem to be doing with it is surfing the internet and well again I am not really used to Mac as old habits with windows die hard. So here are my few recommendations that I think would help windows users get used to Mac.

1) The scroll bar. What I can’t get used to is the scroll bar at the right corner disappearing on me all the time. There are plenty of times I need to scroll and I had to click drag up or down before the scroll bar appears on me. It was really a pain. Go to System Preferences > General. Under show scroll bars. Select the option called always.


2) The mouse clicks. On windows. You had the left click and the right click. Which was like on the left and right side of the track pad. I am using yoshimite, maybe the old Mac OS was doing it the same as windows. Well nice thing again, there was an option to change this as well. Go to System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click. Make sure secondary click is enabled. Select the option, Click in bottom right corner.

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