Too many laws (02-06-17)

The points to bring into this argument.

  1. When you have too much law. Which many people do not think they are right. They lose respect of the law
  2. When you have too much law. They cannot keep up with the laws.
  3. When you have laws that keep people from doing harm to themselves it is a slippery slope. Which are things to govern and which are not? Sugar Tax? War on Drugs? Ban on E-Cigarettes? And who are we to judge others doing things they like which do not affect us?
  4. Omission_(law). In some place it is not lawful to just sit and watch. Failure to take action can also be a crime.
  5. Government is not a tool for majority of the people to impose their values on the minority of the people. This is again another slippery slope. Someday someone is going to come up with a law that watching too much tv is bad. Playing too much game is bad. But who are they to tell me what to do and not do in my own home, at my own time? When I am not harming anyone else. The Gaming Banned for 15 Years in China video is another example of government meddling in the lives of people.



Failure to act can be a crime

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