Thinkware dash cam f800 pro (05-10-17)

Today just installed a new dash cam for my car today. Thinkware dash cam f800 pro. Because Toyoto only provided a front dash camera so I got a front and back camera then I can pass my front camera to my mum. So after installation they explained to me tons of features with the dash cam. It had parking mode which recorded like 10 seconds before and after movement. For my old dash cam it seems that had to change the cable which cost 40 dollars because the old cable didn’t support parking mode. It had mode which inform u if you are nearing a speed camera. You are hitting the car in front. The car in front is moving off. You are changing lane. Well continuous recording and all those are normal. Also it has two modes. One is wifi and the other is hotspot. In hotspot mode it is able to connect to your phone’s portable hotspot and update the firmware. In both modes you are able to wirelessly connect to the camera and download recorded clips on the camera which are one minute long. The F means the front while R means the back.

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