There will be no economical recovery, well this is for US and not there (11-02-16)

Just finished watching this and I guess the conclusion does make sense. I was discussing about repayment of US to it’s debtors but my friend was pretty sure they can just point the guns since they have bigger guns and don’t need to pay up. For most people we just watch and speculate. There are too many factors involved that even if it fails it’s often push to some other factors easily and it’s true that everyone has to sit down and look at the bigger picture then the short term benefits and the cost of the actions they want to initiate. Unless the people who vote for the politicians change their mindset the politicians will often choose the most populist policy to implement which often doesn’t sum up. Some of the policies I have heard is about equal outcome, making everyone start at the same starting point. Some which I often think is socialism maybe even communism but it doesn’t seem like the people who talk about such don’t admit so it is so.

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