The rich and successful are heroes of society (07-04-18)

How many times have I heard tax the rich. Such a shallow statement I thought. It seems that people dun realise that everything we have now is because of the rich and successful. The rich and successful are the ones that can contributed the most to society.

Lets ask a fundamental question. How does someone become rich in society. Answer. They become rich by providing goods and services that people in society wants. In return they get IOU notes from people in the society. Which we now know as fiat currency. How can then someone be so ignorant to say that those who have benefited the most from society should pay back the most to society. In fact it is the reverse. Society has benefited from the rich person that is why people in society has issued IOU notes for the person to at a later date exchange it for goods and services from society. The rich basically means the person has given much to society. And have chosen to keep and save his IOU notes of society. We may say that the poor may have been dealt a bad hand. But is it the fault of the responsible and successful. The answer is no. Can we because the poor have been dealt a bad hand justify stealing from the successful and responsible. The answer is no. Because simply if we do that society will crumble. Because we have chosen to punish the success and responsibility. We empathise with the not so lucky and we believe that people should be given second chances. But shouldn’t it be volunteer instead of being forced to do so? When we are taking from the rich and successful shouldn’t we be grateful instead of vilifying them?