The problem with making websites (01-06-17)

I have been looking at websites and developing websites for a while now. I find it is particularly difficult to make website. I have spent quite abit of my time tinkering around with wordpress and from time to time. The website breaks. Sometimes an outdated plugin has caused the website to break. It broke to the stage you no way of entering the dashboard and had to go to the database or rename the plugin folder and then go to the dashboard to disable it. Sometimes it was hacked. Then sometimes for some reason or another font sizes are crazy like what it is now. The shop font sizes are out. Everything active is updated to the latest and I still have such a problem. Searching the internet also didn’t really give a solution to it. Of course there are also websites like wix. Which I think if you are just doing a singular website may not be too bad but when you are going to develop multiple they tend to go on the costly side because they charge by per site.

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