The economy of the future (18-02-16)

I have been watching youtube videos about the collapse of the dollar. At this point of time we have a lot of facts and stats but we can never be sure what will happen in the future. How elastic the economy can be and so on. But its logical to prepare and predict how to keep our wealth now and in the future. I suppose keeping physical gold and sliver would make sense. An IOU gold would depend on if the IOU gold institution is reliable enough because the predictions are that even banks and huge corporations might go under. For me my prediction of the future is that people wake up to the idea that property is over valued and would come down. I believe the basis of property would always be in demand and always would be rising is due to the mindset that the population would always increase and house would be needed for people to stay in and offices for people to work in. As the population is predicted to come down (read about population winter, world population statistics) and there are places where they have too much houses and building and no one staying in them and are tearing them down (germany, etc), the 0 intakes of some of the secondary school in singapore, the 1 teacher to 1 student in rural parts of japan. For Singapore COE would come down because the government would not have a reason to say the roads are crowded anymore in the future, less people = lesser cars.

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