Sony a850 camera mirror came out (12-06-16)

Was using my old a850 camera today until I find when I was shooting the mirror was acting a little weird it was as though it was a bit wobbly when I was taking a shot. After sometime the whole thing just seem dark through the view finder. After that I took out the lens and found that the mirror came out. Then after that I went to sommerset 313. The customer service told me that I could collect at IMM, Serangoon NEX, Bugis and sommerset 313. I could also send in to these places for servicing and did not have to go to sommerset 313.


(05-07-16 update)

Was quoted 750 for the whole mirror box when I didn’t bring back the mirror prism. When I brought it back I was only quoted for cleaning which was around 60 dollars. also the eye piece rubber was around 35 bucks I think.

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