Sin heng kee 粥品。田鸡粥 (27-11-18)

Wasn’t too hungry so was looking for something light.

We ordered the signature porridge @ 6 dollars. There are quite a lot of patrons.

the porridge had plenty of ingredients.

Also the porridge was tasty.

the taste was overall pretty good. 3 stars


Went to eat again

Finally ordered the scallops version. Costs 9.9. There is nothing but porridge and scallops its ok and the scallops have their taste but think i like the signature more as it has more ingredients

The peanuts are ok.

Frankly i think the porridge is tasty enough and there is enough ingredients you probably don’t need buy the peanuts. If you add the peanuts you probably kill the taste of the porridge. Because its stronger

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