Shopping centres in the philippines (14-06-19)

Generally this seems to be the idea?

They have a security to check when you are going in.

They like to test the things here before you purchase. Their warranty probably kinda of sucks. Usually the shop doesn’t allow returns and redirects you to service centre or something like xiaomi maybe too much knock offs here.

They like to clip your receipts to your bag. They like to tape the bag up. They like to give you paper bags instead of plastic.

Generally in some places like sm supermarket / etc there is a place to put your stuff with them while you go shopping.

Sm malls. Big huge walking space. Bigger store spaces.

Ayala malls. Smaller walk space. Smaller shops.

Robinsons. Similar to ayala but seems lower class? Sometimes elevator spoilt and renovation for a year? (Note they are probably never going to fix it)

Other malls? Similar to robinson. Same conditions apply if you are neighbour mall usually lower class. If you are in higher end place. Like makati greenbelt. They are going to be much higher class. The security seems to be more lax also.

All the malls seem to hate to give people toilets. There are times toilet is broken and they don’t bother to fix it