Shadowprotect and virtualboot(16-12-15)

Last few days I have been trying to fix up my shadow protect. I was trying to clone system to become the testing servers. I was faced with the problem of first backing up the system. I had the problem of the backing up system always causing the system to restart I couldn’t find any information in the windows system logs. I went to disable the anti virus and also the spy cleaner applications but it didn’t solve the problem. Then I went through the installed applications and found that I had r1soft installed which was another block backup software. I uninstalled it and restarted the server after that I could backup the server without the server restarting. After that I had some problems virtualboot. I was curious why it wasn’t working. Then I found out that I didn’t activate the shadow protect. Then I went to look at virtualboot. You need to install the version that shadow protect works with and not the latest version. Then it also prompt me to download the there is a later driver to install when I was installing the virtual box which I also installed then my virtualboot started working. After running, the next day it caused the office to have some problems. (18-12-15 update) There is a need to change the computer name of server so that it doesn’t clash with the existing server name was the root problem.

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