Rich and poor gap

Everytime i look at an article like that I feel upset. The rich do not owe the poor a living. When they make arguements like it is disgraceful that some people are making less than $2 dollar a day makes it ok that these rich people should not be so rich it is disgusting that they are so rich. I cannot see the relationship between the people making $2 dollars a day and the extremely rich like bill gates. If not we should be thanking the rich because they have given us a lot of value. We have volunteery given our money to them in exchange for the services they have given us otherwise. The $2 dollars a day makes no sense to me. 

1. $2 dollars usd can buy u different amount of things in different places. You can get cheap street food for perhaps like 20 pesos in philippines but anything in the singapore gonna be like 70 pesos or more. 

2. $2 dollars in value of time. $2 dollars previously like a 100 years ago can buy u tons of stuff against $2 dollars now. 

The proposal that paying more taxes do more good. It has proven that government collecting aka hiring people to collect the money. Calculating who should and should not get the money, redestributing the money actually incurr cost in doing so therefore reducing the amount the beneficiary is going to get. It would be better for private charities to run such a function. 

The better option is to provide a better environment for businesses to invest in capital. More business more competition for labour and inreturn drives up salary for all the workers involved. 

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