productivity and the cost of jobs (07-02-16)

I have been pondering over this for quite sometime now. The government has been pushing for automation, more efficiency more productivity. Humanity has reached a level where they can produce the basics need for life for every human on the planet. As humanity continues to develop on knowledge and technology. They automate and reduce the human factors required. Look at farming. Previously they needed humans to plough the fields now they can produce a lot more with a lot less with people operating machines. Trends are changing by leaps and bounds. Ecommerce picking up. The development of drones. The research into using drones for delivery. Auto driven cars. I suppose in the future robots and automation will be able to do plenty of jobs where humans use to do. Pretty much my problem is that. Is there going to be job creation in other industries? New industries new jobs and roles? Will people have more time away from work since machines will help the work? Will the shops we go to now be opened less or be you will be served by machines? If everything can be automated then what will we be doing in the future?

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