Siteground review

My views on siteground.

Uses cpanel, uses scriptaculous. Lets you install a ton of stuff. Scriptaculous when install wordpress when you are using android gives u some problems(you need to edit htaccess for this). on iphone it is fine.

Uptime is pretty high. Reports only website is down for sometime.

Response from live chat is fast (way faster than hostgator)

Provides free migration/free domain on sign up (not sure if it still provides it now)

Don’t know why you can’t say no renewal of service you have to cancel it. Then when u cancel it is effective intermediately and you lose all the remaining time.

No adult content, it is in their terms of agreement.


Support is much better than hostgator. Technical staff seems more capable. When there seem to be a malware in question in hostgator. All my sites were suspended. When I am with siteground. They more or less are able to isolate problems. Like just blocking email sending so it causes you less disruption if something bad occur.

Also they seem to auto update wordpress, because unupdated wordpress seems to give rise to malware and code injections due to their vulnerabilities.

Also you are able to update their wordpress from cpanel, not like hostgator you are not able to

Also you are able to install more things from scriptaculous where hostgator doesn’t have so many things you can install