problems with suspended google account (05-02-16)

I have been struggling with getting into a suspended super admin account of my customer. Tried to go into my reseller account to try to unsuspend the account. Then logged into the account of my customer just to find it is suspended. It is reporting suspicious activity.  Contacted google help to find out that I should login as an super admin to unsuspend the account. Tried again to use my reseller account to find if there is anyway to unsuspend the account which I can’t find any. Anyway you can’t end relationship if the only super admin of the domain is suspended. I also tried reseting the password of the suspended user which didn’t help either. I went to grant super admin to the other user of the domain. Then I logged in using that super admin user I still can’t unsuspend the user. Now I am trying to use the domain verification method of adding a cname.

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