Problem with infinilogy

This weird problem popped up again. I checked the logs. It seems that only if the problem pops up the logs start having errors. If not there are no errors. But to the nature of the problem is still unknown. After all. It works after some time by restarting the po generator. But while in that time frame no matter how you generate it doesn’t work. The previous logging system we implemented is still not helpful enough to solve the problem. What we only know is it in stuck in somewhere like the processing po for too long and the process takes 6 mins to complete it would be helpful to break it down even further. Maybe I think it would be better for the log to incorporate the sql and mysql where has it run till. *Update.  Here are some of the questions that I am still wondering about. If is really a fail. Why would it be able to run later? Is there something in the background at the time frame that makes it stopped working. Did someone came into the system to modify something so it doesn’t work. After all this is a system that pulls data from 2 systems. Is it unstable when the server just starts up after a crash. Give it sometime to start the engine and work? It’s probably something gotta do with the network link from one computer to another? Probably making the system work together in the same environment will work much better. Like the application and database on the same server and same microsoft sql. Rather than porting them to another’s computer mysql.

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