Power failure, network failure and vigorsys 3220 (14-11-18)

Power failure again at customer. After power failure it seems that vigorsys 3220 always fails to boot up properly back to the original network connection. So there is no internet again. Had to plug back to the old tp-link dual wan router. It works like instantly. Then we tried to off the vigorsys 3220 for like 5 mins and put it back to the network again. We tried to go into the webgui of the console. It doesn’t work. Then we put back the old tp-link dual wan router to get it working and left the vigorsys 3220 off again and went for lunch. Probably need 30 mins to 1 hour maybe to discharge the memory. After that we plug it back to the network again. Our procedure is like we on the vigorsys 3220 router first. We plug in the lan of the network. Then we plug in the wan.

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