Post using media from external sites like dropbox, google drive (01-06-17)

I thought this was one of the simplest idea of a blog but nope until now I have yet to find something simple enough to use for this. Have been using wordpress for quite some time now and have been looking for something like this for quite sometime now. Isn’t the idea of just posting all your media somewhere else and link and display in your blog such a difficult to understand concept. I have looked high and low and it seems so difficult to find just a plugin that just does that. Let you post your images there and from wordpress easily reference to them and link to them on your blog. This would save a lot of space on your blog hosting as now media is hosted there. The good points about this is also the backup because if you want to backup your whole wordpress site and you what u just do everyday is go out and eat and post pictures your web hosting is gonna get pretty huge. This probably makes you look for unlimited wordpress hosting. What I don’t understand is. Why dropbox cannot just easily link to your wordpress and display the photos. I mean the most use for dropbox the better right especially when you already spent money on buying. subscription.

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