Playpus kitchen @ bugis junction (11-02-19)

Fish egg + crab meat and sourish sauce.

No bad tasting plus unique so 3/5

Onsen egg on the top. Can smell the truffle smell from a mile away. Truffle tasting with rice tastes a little sweet and brunt? Maybe because of the truffle taste. The meat is soft and tender. It melts in ur mouth but the tendon prevents it from so. So its chew. The taste is pretty unique so 3/5.

pretty tender. Not bad. The meat is unique.

The nice sourish from the strawberry and not very sweet but overall still quite nice. My friend says it taste like yoghurt

Vanilla Ice cream with chocolate sauce and mantou (fried bun).

Overall 3/5. Dishes are unique. Presentation scores lots of points. Taste is alright. We rate it 3/5 because likely if you get presentation and food like that you are likely going to pay much more than what you are paying here.