Playing with motorola symbol MC5574 (25-07-15)

Bencause we are preparing to use back old hardware and also plan for new hardware we picked up our old motorola symbol units to do some testing. The hardware was rather old the cables are all breaking apart. I guess it has got something to do with the rubber and it being too dry. The unit is pretty old and loaded with windows mobile 6.1. The battery is also spoilt due to wear and tear. Some device couldn’t power on. Some of them was hanging and lagging and the solution was to take out the battery let it rest a while before putting the battery back in. There are also problems with the default software loaded the wifi seems to be having problems. It was constantly connecting and disconnecting. Then we also had to download windows mobile device center 64 bit cause we were running windows 7 64 bit. Previously was active sync on xp. Then on motorola’s website the firmware upgrade to windows mobile for the device was also locked.

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