over spec (25-07-15)

Just went to sim lim and ask the shop to build a new PC for a POS system. The shop was telling me a celeron and like 4 gigs of ram will do. But I went ahead with an i5 and 16 gigs of ram with a 256 gig SSD. Then recently the shop had some problems with connecting into the system so went over to have a look. They were using a duo core system with 4 gigs ram and the program was running smoothly so I thought they can probably do with a i3 maybe even a celeron would be good enough. Even the server for the ERP system is running on an i5 processor and sata hdds and they also seem to be running fine. Then we think of changing the server to run SSDs and dual processors and 64gig ram. We seem to be over spec-ing the machines too much and we won’t really see the difference.

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