Ohba ramen premium (02-06-19)

Ordered the aka tonkatsu as they said it is one of their best sellers. Also ordered additional egg and also pork charsiu. They also have chicken charsiu

The soup is quite ok seems slightly spicy. The waiter said the aka (red) tastes like seafood. Smell of the soup seems to give out a laksa like smell?

The ramen seems like the soft type. It pretty much just dissolves when you chew on it but it does seem to have a seafood taste?

The red colour stuff on top is actually red ginger. Depends if u like it or not?

Don’t really like the charsiu? The taste is alright but Maybe too thick too hard too dry? Maybe better if they have more slices but thinner? If you mix it together and eat its OK but when you eat it alone its not too good?

The egg is not flavoured egg. The taste is alright though.

Overall not too bad. The soup and the ramen is unique? Also probably just order regular will do. Don’t need to order extra meat. Because the focus seems to be soup and noodles?

2-3 out of 5