Office manager renewal (12-05-16)

Over the years we have been using office manager.  Its not too bad my customer’s accounts seems pretty happy with using it saying that it is simple. Frankly my other IT colleague and I have found it confusing at times but overall its pretty comprehensive. There are some problems with the over night shift trying to calculate pay for those who work cross day like 10pm to 6am the system has a problem computing from the time clock. Then also renewal. The renewal department gives u discount then as the year passes they take away the discount. They say they are just reverting to the original price all customers are getting. Frankly, the reason they give customers to increase their renewal cost every year puzzles me but to each their own. Just know what you are getting yourself into. Contracts, renewals, terms should be spelled out clearly. There is no point in bluffing and making your customers feel that they are being duped.

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