new ac ryan veolo4k again (08-10-15)

Got a new ac ryan veolo4k since my heart got ichy again. The stuff that you get is only how good you use it. I think this is very true after many times I have thought to myself that buying stuff I will use it to a good extend but in fact I just left it there to rot away. This time the veolo4k had many streaming goodies that the reseller has packed in for me. There was a 3rd party market place to get apps that do that too

(10-10-15 update)

got a rii remote for my ac ryan because without an air mouse it was a pain to use. At first was wondering why the

remote wasn’t working properly but after doing a calibration it was working fine. I think still got the learning to do though.

(14-10-15 update)

The Rii mini i25 is a more suitable controller. It fits for the android hub the up and down volume here works too. The remote works on a different frequency from the Rii all in one. So both of them can work at the same time if you plug both of them into the ac ryan veolo 4k.


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