My thoughts on Pedestrianising Orchard Road (01-06-17)

The business drought in orchard road has not been a day or two already. I remember the days that in far east plaza where long john sliver closed and it was empty for awhile. Now quite a few of the shops in the basement of far east plaza are emptied. For me what I think is that fully pedestrianised Orchard Road will kill it. I agree with many of the opinions out there that to take out roads would hasten the death of the primer shopping belt. Maybe I await the day it happens. The slow death of orchard road was not a day or two. Shopping centres was built all over the place then the crowd thinnen to the town central isn’t this part of the government’s plan. And so why was this shocking. I don’t think it’s possible to revive the shopping belt to what it once was. Introduction of ecommerce has meant that there is a portion of people that are now shopping online. Again malls were introduced all over the place therefore there is no need to go to town central to get it. Once popular mall areas are also hit by retail gut as they themselves are not fully rented out. Orchard Road is no exception to that rule.

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