My review and thought of the foreigner 2017 *spoilers*

Spoilers ahead
After watching the film I just think that Liam is somewhat a poor thing. After trying so hard to free himself from the violence and trying to get paradons for his relatives. He is violently attack by quan (jacky chan) who believes he is involved. After a while it seems like he wanted to set off some bombs at some financial institutions which would be a scare than killing innocent lives but somehow his “party” thinks otherwise and engineers an attack on the innocent with the motive of re uniting. At the end of the film after finding the killers for quan. Then after that he is played for his relationship with his affliate by the british. Quan goes back to find Liam again and wants him exposed for his extra martial affair. For me i see more of a person who is doing many for peace but being attacked for me. Doesn’t fit the revenge. Is the equal of having an extra martial affair, killing innocents? I don’t think so. This is a plot for part 2? Maybe. Only time will tell

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