Mrt, lrt, ktm komuter, monotrails,in malaysia kl (14-12-17)

The train system here runs on mrt, lrt, ktm komuter, monotrail. Also I think ktm komuter runs on like 30 mins schedules so they take way longer to arrive

The monotrail I sat at kl sentral didn’t have the display board which direction and what was at the next stop at the monotrail.

In the mrt train there at the start it will announce the next stop. But the moving of the train makes it hard to hear what the next stop is and when u reach the next stop it will not announce which stop you are at. There will be a door opening and door closing sound only.

The display doesn’t have the blinking which stop you are like in singapore. Or also any display in the train what is the next station so you only rely on hearing it at the start or keep a look out at the next station so you know which is the station you are at or you will miss it. I think there are old and new trains the newer ones would have the blinking display of which is the next stop.