migration wordpress from hostgator to siteground and dreamhost (22-08-17)

Because of malware on hostgator my account was suspended and I had to migrate sites from hostgator. I tried dreamhost. Had problems so I tried siteground. Siteground migration was so much easier. Both hostgator and siteground had cpanel whereas the dreamhost hosting I used did not have. On siteground it was a breeze. I had to create the database and import in the sql for the wordpress and also do changes for the wp config file in wordpress but after that it was up. As for dreamhost. There was no cpanel. The domain setup is a bit different. At first it was always having problem with redirection. Had to go into the domain settings to change to leave the domain settings to leave it be. Then I have no idea why mysql name was not resolving properly. I ended up using ip address for mysql server in the wp config file. I suppose the path is different for servers with cpanel and without cpanel. So all plugins failed. Had to reinstall them.

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