Marvel Avengers 3 : Infinity War Review and thoughts (spoilers) 01-05-18

A very hyped up movie marking 10 years of marvel’s cinematic universe. With many movies paving the way. Iron Man. Captain America.The Hulk. Thor. Guardians of the Galaxy.  Dr Strange. Spiderman: Home Coming. Black Panther.

If you are looking for action it’s not to be missed.

Watched the movie the first day it was out. When it reached the ending. Thanos got all the infinity gems. Snapped his finger and half the people in the universe disappeared.

While I checked if Avengers Infinity war is it a two part. It seems that marvel was intending to make it a 2 part but later decided to make it only 1 part.

So the questions in the movie.

  1. Why can’t Bruce Banner transform into the hulk?
  2. Dr strange said he wouldn’t hesitate to throw tony stark or peter parker’s life away for the time stone. Also what was the possibilities of the 1 out of 14 million that dr strange see them winning? Why did he trade time stone for tony’s life. Why did he say it they are at end game now. And it was the only way Was tony stark’s life important to win?
  3. Why was the gauntlet in crumples after he snapped his finger and half the life in the universe fades away. Can it be used anymore?
  4. Ant man and Hawkeye were under a plea deal. Could they be a part of them to winning in dr strange’s prediction?
  5.  After the ending credits scene. It was seen while Nick Fury was fading away. He was paging Captain Marvel. Marvel also stated that Captain Marvel is going to be one of the strongest super hero up to date. Is Captain Marvel important to winning in dr strange’s predictions?