Li yuan mee pok @ 710 clementi west street 2

Bought the special mee pok 5 dollar version. Ones with 2 sliced pork. A ton of ba chor (minced pork). And a few slices of abalone. Fried lard. Overall the taste is good

The sauce give it it’s ba chor mee taste.

Bought the 10 dollar japanese fusion mee pok. Has miso or shoyu version

Too dry too hard. What I saw was they dip into the water and pulled it out. Maybe need cook a little more?

Normal mee pok: 3/5

Fusion mee pok: 1/5

(01-02-19 update)

Number 6 teochew wanton.

I think the wanton is alright but skin slightly thick 2/5

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