Lessons to learn about fishes and power (23-01-16)

There are a few things that have just recently happened in my house. Just not long ago. The motors that were powering the pond stopped working. So meanwhile my maids just started pumping water into the pond. Which now i rethink of it. Its a bad move. I have heard from my friend and often that the fish need to get use to the water. You can change a bit of water but u cannot change a lot of it and pumping in that amount of water must be one of the bad moves that caused a lot of fish to die. Secondly, I think why the power stripped and stop working was because there was a lot of lamps in my garden. When the electrician came he said that the cables in the garden connected to the lamps is easy to get damp and therefore easy to trip. I suppose a better power routing for the pumps would have been from the house since it would be much dryer. I think that the lamps in the garden is a bad decision it’s better to totally separate it from the rest of the power grid from the house as it is very likely to make the power trip. There was also one socket in my kitchen which the maid used the boiler and left it plugged in and the whole pin was brunt and left with the plug socket. Resulting in buying new cable and also changing of the wall power socket.

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