Le apple boutique hotel (21-12-18)

Going to event again so came to stay at le apple boutique hotel this time. Pretty much places like corus was already full and was even more pricier then here

The deposit is rm 200.

You need to use the card at the lift to go to your room.

The wifi has pretty decent signal at least in the room I am in. The speed and stability

is more or less alright compared with the connection u are getting here.

The table side. It has 4 plugs. One used for the table lamp but if you don’t use it you can take it out.

The left side of the bed

The right side of the bed

This is at right side corner of the room. I think maybe they use it for vaccum.

Behind the tv. Below. This is used for the tv.

Centralised aircon

They give 2 toothbrush and toothpaste set. They topped up one becauase I already used. There is tissue, shower cap and ear cotton buds.

The tooth brush is thinner than the ones you buy.

They also have soap. You can use it as hand soap or Well you can use it for shower even though they already have conditioner and shower gel.

There is also a hair dryer or you need to quickly dry your laundry.

Toilet is the spray hose type and they provide toilet paper. If you keep the toilet paper they will provide new ones the next time they clean the room

Shower is pretty nice. The water pressure is good enough. Lots of water but not thin piercing jets of water. Also hot and cold water works.

One floor mat and 2 towels. The towel is i think 1.2m or more. Its thick and fluffy so you can dry yourself well


The bed is pretty soft and comfy.

They have a safe, then water heater, cups and coffee and tea. There is also a fridge. Fridge says mini bar 10 rm per set. 1x coca cola, 1x sprite, 1x aquaius isotonic drink, 2x peanut snacks.

The fridge is pretty small you can only put a limited amount of things there. What is surprising is the fridge is like silent you can’t hear the compressor or what running.

The light was originally flickering but it got fixed in like 2 days.

They have laundry but I do think its kinda of pricey.

Their laundry price and bag is stored at first drawer

The second drawer has the iron.

The grey ironing board is just beside the drawer

Tv is kind of limited.

Also the curtains are good at keeping out the light. Its two layered. The thick layer is inside while the thin layer is on the inside.