Just finished linking my laptop to my ampilfier and tv(06-02-16)

Its been quite sometime I have done some work like this. Previously have been trying to link with the old onkyo but after restarting the problem always resurface. Had some problem as usual. Went into the intel hd display to select and apply the settings. I couldn’t find anything showing 1920x1080p I just choose the highest available for my laptop. Choose both display to be the same then I saved. then my laptop was showing a square box but the tv monitor seems to be working fine now though. Just a little problem. There is no sound. I restarted the laptop which there was still no sound. I used the troubleshoot ulitity which just changed the sound to the speaker instead of through the hdmi jack. I ended up plugging out the hdmi jack at the back and replugging it in which worked

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