Internet provider recommendations Singapore (25-07-15)

There are plenty of internet service providers out there and it’s difficult to decide. Here are my recommendations


Use singtel, they usually control the back bone of the infrastructure so almost any other party you choose to go to will go back to singtel to get it done. I suppose if you choose singtel you get things faster than choose other vendors



I am using myrepublic had some problems with them over the ip showing up as a new Zealand ip. I think you can choose viewQwest. Actually I don’t think people really need speed in any case and everyone is just putting up 1 gig, 2 gig internet speed. If you are gaming look for latency. Unless you are hosting or you don’t need that fast an internet connection. In the end you have to look at the bundles from the different providers to see which is the best for you. Especially when you start considering things like mobile and tv into it.

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