Hard skin / Hard Tree Bark Give 5 Hard Skins to Barton / Commander-in-Chief collect 0/40 Hard Skins – Ragnarok M Eternal Love (04-02-19)

Goblin LeaderLv 50 MVP8.99%

Peco PecoLv 50 Monster25.06%

Desert WolfLv 53 Monster27.86%

MatyrLv 54 Monster22.14%

Vagabond WolfLv 55 Mini Boss22.9%

BigfootLv 58 Monster27.61%

SavageLv 59 Monster24.75%

PhreeoniLv 65 MVP3.91%

The easy way to farm hard skins is probably from payon forest. There is an area with just savages which you can farm hard skins from. there are also big foots but usually they are near horong which are aggressive.