Goovis cinego (21-12-18)

Got this from a friend. Quite sometime ago around. Going to kl malaysia so decided to give it a try.

It is preloaded with android and you can get apps from google play store

There is like a 20-30gb internal storage in the device which you can use for apps or pictures or video/etc.

I copied to an sandisk ultra 64gb microsd card and put it inside but it doesnt seem to be able to mount.

The western digital 4 tb that i got seems to be able to mount.

I was able view the videos that I copied.

The videos were not in folders they were just all listed

When you lift the google or take off it seems to have some sensor so the video pauses there.

The mouse pad seems to be the bottom part of the controller

Also seems like the battery life is probably around 4 hours.