Fastlane Game (02-06-17)

Well started playing this game. It seems like a pretty well done up game. How I got to know this game was that I was playing other game and it was another game advertisement. The game works on a energy basis where after x time u get energy for one round.

Strategy for the game.

Nitro and nitro energy seems to be the most useful as it makes u invinicible and you are able to crash into enemies. The stages becomes harder and they introduce more overhead highways that block your view. The game also gets harder as your vehicle gets faster as you travel more distance. Also the health of enemies seem to get more the more distance you run. At the start you can kill more enemies because you are able to get rid of enemies pretty quickly. Shooting the flammable fuel trucks also cause the nearby enemies to explode as well. Also cars that shoot bullets you cannot just stay at the edge as they will shoot you. You have to stay in some other lane then when they shoot move away so u can evade the bullets. Later in the game as it geta faster you also try to stay in the same lane. Evade cars and bullets as it becomes really hard to kill them. And also you can continue 1 time as the first time you continue only cost u one crystal.

(16-06-17 update)

Was able to play fastlane on the plane which means that it doesn’t need data to play.

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