Emperor and beauties game review (05-11-18)

This is just similarly another gathering resource, increasing your generals attack and clearing stages game.

Dashboard. You see what kind of events you need to do mostly here.

Retainers. They all seem to stack. You use coins to level them up. You can use attribute pills to increase their status as well.

You manage to gain resources for you to upgrade your retainers and also to buy soldiers which you need for clearing stages

Every round you will lose soldiers. You claim then from rewards or by gathering resources.

You will fight boss every stage end.

Regardless of the gender you choose you can date the beauties. Up their infinity, unlock skills. Have baby with them. Even if you choose the player gender as female.

The only people your baby can marry is a different sex from you though

Stage is for you to clear stages. Every round you clear you lose soldiers but gain some coins and experience also achievement, rewards and quest sometimes also need you to clear stages. also you can renown from clearing stage bosses for use in jail

Going to the academy allows you to up skills exp for your retainer for them to up skills.

You can go jail to educate criminal.

You gain resource or maybe get a beauty here also when you visit.