dragon crown tips (21-02-16)

Have been playing dragon crown. I know it’s an old game. It’s a side stroller where you play up to 4 players. The fun part is when you get friends to play together with. So I am now in inferno mode and I just found out a tip on leveling. Set the mode in inferno. Use the labyrinth and play from the lowest floor. You are still entitled to the 200% exp bonus in inferno mode when you are doing so while fighting enemies that aren’t so difficult. 

Inferno mode is also increasingly very difficult. I was fighting the pirate ship while the pirate with the red blade is skinning me alive my tip is to avoid the chests and go for the boss if you are just collecting the talisman.  Also boss fights are at the verge where they can take 3 quarters of my hp with consecutive attacks. Maybe my level is not high enough. I think I have the same problem when I was starting out in hard mode.  

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