Discovering the cause and finding a solution

This week I spent trying to solve this problem. Overnight shift. We found out that the time was not reporting as what we thought in the payroll system. The problem is what is the problem. Are we inexperienced with the system. Is there a solution or are we really stuck and need the vendor to fix it for us. We are not entirely to blame. Quite a few software and hardware seem like they operate out of some shady business where they sell u the product but don’t give u the operation manual. Well maybe they do. But to their re sellers and not to the end users and some you might not be able to find the model number out of the internet. Again we had this same problem. The hardware vendor blamed the software vendor and the cycle continues so I guess it’s up to the one who seems most anxious to solve the problem to do it. Usually that is the customer. I wouldn’t blame them that much too. After all it’s a big system. I spent quite some time investigating what could have cause the problem, went into the different interfaces. There was the access manager interface, the time clock interface itself which I never port forward and had to to go into the internal network to access. Then there is also the payroll software time interface. I also access the database to see how the entries are like. And also to find the manuals of the time clock software how to use what does the terms mean. Well by no means that easy. Most of these manuals come with a few hundred pages of manuals if you can get your hand on them. I had lots of assumptions and sometimes I think which party is wrong. Well after reading through quite a bit. I am doing an experiment to see if what I think is correct.

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