Digimonstory cybersleuth (28-02-16)

Just started playing digimonstory cybersleuth not long ago. I guess I am a sucker for this kind of games. I find the game has a lot of replay value. Also remember to save often. I have lost a lot of time replaying as I have forgot to save.

Some of the things I have noticed in the game. There are different type of personality for digimons. I suppose this will have something to do with their status. CAM seems to increase by 1% for every battle you go through with the digimon.

When leveling abilities sometimes just go up by 1. I am not sure if you max level the digimon before evolution do you get additional/bonus stats. Also when leveling hp and sp gets replenished

You seem to be able to rise the abilities of the digimon in the farm. Or investigate to give yourself more cases to solve. Also the digimons at the farm whether you use them to investigate or level up abilities their level will go up over time. Also there is max level for a digimon which before or upon reaching you need to evolve them(then they will go to become another higher form of digimon at level 1)

The hacking skills like breaking of firewall will require you to have the digimon on your party team before activating. Also if you have enough “memory” you can add members to your reserve team members as they will get exp from the battles. They don’t seem to gain any CAM if they are not your active battle members though.

Also gatomon is quite useful in battle as it has a skill that does a fix 150 damage to enemy. As over the game you will meet digimons that u end up doing 0.5 of damage etc and boss mobs which you seem to do little damage to them but the fix 150 will still maintain for the boss mobs like the eater which when I was dealing 20-30 damage with my top digimon my gatomon skill was dealing a 150 damage to it. It also cause panic which gives the chance of enemy digimon attack itself

(03-03-16) You are also able to use force encounter to immediately go into enemy battle instead of running in circles like a dummy. Can be useful if you are trying to level or scan enough to get the digimon. What enemies appear is still random though. You can also press option button on  the control for it to go into auto battle mode.

(07-03-16) Seems like you can only up abi by un evolving ur digi mon. When trying to aim for mega level digimon you need at least abi 20. For those that don’t reach the minimum abi you can di evolve them and evolve them again to gain abi. It also seems that the higher your level you di evolve you get more abi this seems to got to do with stage and level also the higher the abi the higher level the digimon can level to.

(09-03-16) Just figured out the disadvantages and bonuses you have against enemy, Vaccine>Virus>Data>Vaccine, so it’s like if you have a vaccine vs a virus boss then you do maybe a 1.5 or 2x damage whatever skill you use. If you are digimons are data and your enemy is a vaccine then you will be doing a 0.5x damage kind of thing. Then the other one is element. I am just posting the stuff I get online for this since I really am too lazy to go see what element is good against what element for most I am just using level grinding and also abi up to just over spec my enemies so I don’t really need the weakness. Cause changing digimon all the time seems like a pain. The element of the digimon also makes a difference in the skill damage against them.
blue – water
red – fire
dark green – grass
brown – earth
yellow – electric
light green – wind
purple – dark
white – light
gray – no element

There’s three different elemental weakness cycles

<credit link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/757436-digimon-story-cyber-sleuth/71664543>



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