Digi malaysia telcom

Last trip bought digi and also utouch. My friend’s smart idea to not use it right away kinda of cause it to expire. So my utouch expired already but it seems my digi after top up you can reactivate it. That is around 2-3 months.

There is a slew of freebies you can get from digi.

Was using digi for the past few days but was feeling that it was slow. I think probably was using freebies or my data limit has already hit


Purchased the unlimited video package at 1 rm @ 512kpbs. Was playing youtube all day. Video lags everynow and then and needs to buffer but was


I tested with purchasing the 8 rm unlimited internet as its pretty much my last day in malaysia and heading back home by bus later.

After purchasing the 8rm unlimited internet connection feels much better than the previous days.