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Problem with infinilogy 4

We just spent the past few days fixing up the Infinilogy software. It was very hectic and the users were complaining. We had totally no clue how to solve it. That was until one of my software support told me about it. So today I spent a bit of my time going through a few […]

Sunday 3rd of May 2015

Just another normal day, was playing omega quintet the last few days. There isn’t much info on it because the english version just released. I hope the quest that upgrades your skills either repeats on stops you from expiring the quest because it might end up as a bug that causes you not being able […]

Remote desktop

I have been using remote desktop software for quite sometime already. I remembered the times of xp unlimited to now it is called aads worldwide or thin stuff which I think I never bought before. The times that logmein was giving out all freebies and didn’t have the pricing structure like now where they charge like […]

Google apps

There is plenty to cover here. I know I won’t be able to cover all of the benefits of google apps here but I will try to give an idea of what google apps can offer you. So what is google apps for work. Basically it’s pretty much the same google account with some perks. […]

Problem with infinilogy

This weird problem popped up again. I checked the logs. It seems that only if the problem pops up the logs start having errors. If not there are no errors. But to the nature of the problem is still unknown. After all. It works after some time by restarting the po generator. But while in […]

The fuss over little india’s riot

I think the authorities here are making a big fuss over a small incident. I find that it makes no sense so many other people have to suffer for so much days to come even though they are un involved. What do i mean? I mean the authorities made use of the little india’s riot […]

Between sharing and keeping to yourself

I have many times thought would it be better to type these articles to share or keep them for myself and charge people for advice. After all, time, effort and sometimes even money is involved in finding out how things work. Not to be denied is that until now I can’t find a good answer […]