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Malaysia Kl sentral / nu sentral (14-12-17)

Kl sentral is basically a big train interchange. You change here to places all over malaysia and even train back to singapore. Just beside kl sentral is nu sentral. 8 stories of shopping. The shops here are pretty big. Looks luxurious. Ground floor has a stage and decorations because it is Christmas. Top floor was […]

Corus hotel review (14-12-17)

Free wifi internet seems like they give you 2 connections. Internet Connection isn’t too good. Got a nice room. 638. Had a very nice view outside there is a balcony. It was less than 100 sgd a night pretty worth it. Same 3 pin plug in singapore which was lucky since I didn’t really bring […]

My troubles with windows 10 (13-12-17)

Had plenty of problems with windows 10. Makes it hard to agree with microsoft decision to auto update windows. After using windows 10. I had like auto driver updates which screw up the display. Also network cards act funny. Somehow it is a 1gb network card and out of nowhere it started running at 100mbps. […]

Ff awakening (13-12-17)

Recently playing ff awakening. Burning money with my friend. This is a pretty money consuming game. With all the deluxe sign in for 4 dollars. Constant recharge 4 dollars and get freebies. And one time recharge with almost like double gems as bonus. Also they have events to draw special characters which uses a lot […]

Aeroline into malaysia(13-12-17)

Going for comic fiesta in malaysia. Was introduced to aeroline quite sometime ago. It is a bus all the way from Harbourfront to Corus hotel Malaysia KLCC. Booking is cheaper from the than from Provided maybe there is no finance charges for foreign currency. They tell u to collect the tickets from the […]

Qb house (12-10-17)

Hair was long so went for a hair cut. Seems like there was a price increase as well to $12. As usual you can use nets flash pay or ezlink card or pay the exact $12 to the machine. Luckily I had my everyday card with which acts like my ezlink in times of need. […]