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Aaaa batteries (19-03-19)

Managed to find them at mustafa. Energizer was going for 5 dollar while gp was going for 2.8. I use it for microsoft surface pen. They were behind the counter. The staff had to get for u. Didn’t see any rechargeable though. Advertisements


Carl’s jr (19-03-19)

Ate at carl’s jr today. Called guacamole bacon with 3 patties. Changed to onion rings. The onion rings is a little salty. Overall the taste is alright but I think its a little pricey also seems like little customers. Maybe too pricey. The bun with the butter tastes alright. But maybe the beef doesn’t taste […]

Red rose hotel (09-03-19)

Rented the jacuzzi room. Its big Its big. And has jacuzzi But the floor is dirty though. After walking a while then the feet is black. 3k a night. I think worth it though. Oh its also noisy at night because of the nightlife around this area Also there is no fridge. There are some […]

Pork soup Steamed egg Ubi with raisin side dish? The ice tea. Seems like it was lemon and minty so quite nice. Had the unlimited version Overall felt extremely oily feel after eating somewhat.