binghan ginseng (07-10-15)

Got a few things to say. You should use warm water instead of hot water as it is possible to destory some nutirients in hot temperature. Drink lots of water. Rest more. Its one of the basis of detox


started buying binghan ginseng. 


started with the aching in the shoulders. My shoulders are always stiff due to my late sleeping habits


didn’t really eat much due to the fact i was overseas


back from overseas continued eating binghan ginseng again


My leg feel much better. Started burping a lot.


Needed to go to the toilet more often. My eating habits are bad and I always feel some pain in the stomach area. I suppose that the ginseng is doing it’s work of detoxing the body


I feel abit sick. Having slight fever I feel aching in the upper part of the body and don’t feel like moving. Starts to have tummy ache. Also started feeling the cold. Head feels heavy. The right side of my mouth pallate also has many pumps its seems that detox is taking effect


Head doesn’t feel that heavy anymore. Tummy ache still persist but now after putting some tiger palm and tummy warmer it is much better. There is also some aching on my right arm. At the later part of the day giving out a lot of gas also. Just read something up on ginseng. Might not be good to use hot water to mix with the ginseng since it might kill some of the vitamin that comes along with it. Shoulders are aching and arms and hands are also aching. Can’t really sleep due to the aches here and there but like they say no pain no gain as long as the body gets better in the long run. Still monitoring my nose. My breathing isn’t that good since most of the time I am only breathing through one nostril.

12-10-15 update

My eyes are ichy but it seems they are getting better

16-10-15 update

Increased my dosage. Looked online and found I was eating way below the dosage. It was saying online about 4 small teaspoon they provided in the morning and 3 in the afternoon and 3 at night. Feel ichiness in my arms and also dumbing in my feet. I have also changed to adding hot water then room water to the cup before pouring in the powder as I have heard that it is possible that hot water might be killing some of the good nutrients.

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